Spiritual Direction & Coaching


Are you looking for new ways to cultivate your relationship with the divine? Deepening your relationship with God ushers in more meaning, freedom, and peace in your life.

Trained in the art of sacred listening, a spiritual director (coach) helps you discern and respond to the presence of the divine acting in your life. You learn how to:

  • Develop a deeper knowing of God
  • Make spirit-filled decisions
  • Transform life’s challenges
  • Discover more joy
  • Embrace wonder and awe

Spiritual direction (or coaching) is one of the oldest spiritual practices and is open to every faith tradition. In hour-long monthly meetings, you discover new ways to attune your heart and your life to the calling of the divine. In my own experience and being with those I serve, spiritual direction has a way of bringing us back home to ourselves. It gives you the space in your life to hear your own inner wisdom and invites you into a richer knowing of God.

Contact me to learn more and schedule a complimentary call or exploratory meeting.

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